Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

There are some instances when we may want to slow down the decay process instead of placing a filling material. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), is a liquid that can help slow down tooth decay and help relieve sensitivity. Decayed teeth often look brown where there is a cavity, but after SDF application, all the brown […]

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Tooth Extractions for Children

Some of the most common reasons a baby tooth needs to be extracted include: Dental infection (abscess) – this is an infection in the jawbone, caused by a large dental cavity that was left untreated. This requires extraction of the tooth that has the cavity, so that the infection is drained and prevents spreading to […]

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Pulpotomy (“ Nerve Treatment”) & Crowns in Children

Pulpotomy (“Nerve Treatment”) Left untreated, a cavity can grow into the nerve of a tooth, causing a toothache. When this happens, our Pediatric Dentist may recommend a “nerve treatment” to save the remaining tooth. Our gentle pulpotomies, performed comfortably in our office, remove the decay and infection, and relieve pain. Once the pulpotomy is completed, […]

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