Perfect Customer Service

Perfect customer service. I really like this place! They have very good positive energy!

Stephen S

New Patient Info

I am a new patient with insurance and complex teeth problems. I have seen 2 of the dentists there in the past couple of weeks. Every dentist and staff member is caring and concerned with providing the best care possible. I was lucky lucky to find Stonebridge Dental.

Justine H

Straight-Forward Quality Work

I have been going to Stonebridge Dental since I moved back to Texas 6 years ago. Dr. Bolten is kind, straight-forward, and does quality work. The staff is amazing, sweet, and patient even when I ask the same question 45 times and have a near panic attack before a procedure. My 5 year old daughter is also a patient there… So today while I was having major emergency type horridly painful work done I could hear her laughing in the next exam room while she got her check up. They then took her to the front office and gave her crackers and colors and toys while Dr. Bolten finished up with me. It’s that sort of thing that sets them so far apart from other doctor’s offices. I absolutely dislike going to the dentist and really not fond of pain like I feel right now- but it’s necessary and I am very glad to be a patient there! Sidenote: Dr. Bolten knew the extraction would hurt tonight (yup) and even went so far as to give me his cell phone number if the pain meds didn’t control it or if there were any other complications. THAT says a lot about a Doctor- I really appreciated that *but still would not use it-poor guy needs his rest too!*

Julie S

Long Time Patient

My family had gone to the same dentist for 20 years before upgrading to Dr. Bolten. He is very nice, honest and caring. What an amazing difference. Friendly, helpful staff. Totally pain free dental care. Dr. Bolten uses the latest technology. Appointments are even confirmed on my iPhone. I don’t know why we waited so long to make the change.

Karin R

6 Month Cleaning For My 6 Year Old

I took my 6 year old for his 6 month cleaning today. The entire office staff was great! The hygienist was very patient and caring. Dr. McMann was great with my son as well. This is a very friendly and upbeat office.

Jennefer H

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