Financial Options


We accept PPO dental plans and will gladly process your insurance claims, estimate your deductible and the portion not covered by your insurance. The estimated amount not covered by your insurance is due at the time of treatment.

Our estimates regarding your dental insurance are given as carefully as possible. These estimates are based on information currently available as well as past history of coverage from the insurance company.  However, your insurance carrier will ultimately decide on the benefit to be released.  Our financial arrangement with you will include what your dental insurance is estimated to support, but you are ultimately responsible for the total treatment fee, should your insurance company decide not to pay on any procedure.  Once your insurance company has determined payment, you will be billed for any outstanding balance.  If you are unclear about insurance benefits, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider directly.  Once a claim has been closed, your balance is due.  Claims will be considered closed, regardless of payment, 120 days from the original date of service.

Payment Options

  • Cash – includes money orders and personal checks.
  • Visa/MasterCard – we accept credit cards as payment for treatment to the extent your credit limit permits.
  • Care Credit – offers a separate line of credit to cover your entire family’s health care needs.
    • A credit line can be established and approval usually takes less than 10 minutes
    • Care Credit has an interest free option
    • There is no annual or membership fee
    • Monthly payments as low as 3% of the outstanding balance
    • Click the Care Credit image below to start an application

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