Pulpotomy (“ Nerve Treatment”) & Crowns in Children

Pulpotomy (“Nerve Treatment”)

Left untreated, a cavity can grow into the nerve of a tooth, causing a toothache. When this happens, our Pediatric Dentist may recommend a “nerve treatment” to save the remaining tooth. Our gentle pulpotomies, performed comfortably in our office, remove the decay and infection, and relieve pain. Once the pulpotomy is completed, a dental crown will be placed over the remaining healthy tooth, to protect it from further damage.


The Royal Treatment – Dental Crown

When a cavity has grown too large to be treated with a simple filling, we often recommend pre-formed dental crowns for our young patients. White crowns are placed on the front teeth. For the back teeth requiring crowns, the stainless steel crowns are the standard. However, in certain circumstances, white crowns may be offered for the back teeth. This procedure is completed all in one day for the comfort of your little one. Our board-certified Pediatric Dentist will provide a detailed explanation if your child requires a dental crown.

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